Seven Best Books That Every Car Racing Enthusiast Must Buy


Do you dream of getting behind the wheel of a race car and enjoying real racing someday? Does your dream get disrupted as you realise that you know so little about auto racing? Then you can explore the wide range of resources readily available online such as car workshop manuals, automotive brochures & sales literature to educate and make yourself familiar with the exciting world of auto racing.


Here, we have found for you seven of the best books on auto racing, which every individual dreaming to channel their inner speed, should buy and read.


Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory by AJ Baine

Go Like Hell is an interesting and inspiring story of Henry Ford II, and the young visionary Lee Iacocca. It narrates how the two teamed up with former racing champion turned engineer Carroll Shelby, to devise strategies to reinvent the Ford Company. They build the impressive GT40 Mk II and GT40 that beat the famous Ferrari in the prestigious car race, Le Mans.


Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving by Carl Lopez

The book is one of the best car workshop manuals that any novice or expert driver should own. The book provides step-by-step, how-to guidelines about fast-driving and also reveals sure-success tips from instructors and professional racers.


The Little Red Racing Car by Dwight Knowlton

The Little Red Racing Car is a heart touching story of a 1955 Maserati, which once won many races but is now left to decay in an old barn. The story narrates how a little boy found the neglected car and embarked on a wonderful journey with his father to restore the vehicle.  If you have been reading too much many automotive brochures and sales literature lately, then try reading this book with your child for a refreshing change.


Where the Writer Meets the Road by Sam Posey

This book is an interesting collection of the best articles, broadcast intros and short pieces written by Sam Posey on varied topics.  Read the book to know his racing experience in the rain at Le Mans and his test driving experience of the propeller-driven, Wind Wagon, which was developed by his own uncle.  The book also includes some of the short introductions which he created for the Formula One Grand Prix held at Monaco and Spa.


Performance Thinking by Jacques Dallaire

Performance Thinking is often treated as a self-help book, one that every wannabe or professional racer should read. The writer is a reputable exercise physiologist who talks about several useful, interactive exercises that help boost mental strength and skills. This book has helped many improve their performance on the track.


Ultimate Speed Secrets: The Complete Guide to High-Performance and Race Driving by Ross Bentley

This book should find its place beside your collection of car magazines for several reasons. The book offers detailed descriptions and instructions to turn any beginner into a competent racer. No matter which type of car, track or racing condition you have chosen, this book covers all in a clear and precise manner!


The Supercar Book for Boys by Martin Roach

This book is a must buy if you have a fast car lover at home. It covers almost everything related to the best supercars in the planet. This is one of the popular car workshop manuals that takes you beneath the bonnets, lets you peel back the bodywork and provides you with a mind-blowing glimpse of supercar technology then and now.


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This article has been written by Evie Motour from Motor Book World. The aim of this article is to introduce the best car racing books to the car enthusiast who will read and enjoy them.

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