Winter Car Check

  • When driving in winter we tend to put a lot higher strain on our car battery due to lights, heaters and wipers. If you generally drive in the dark your battery will give out eventually. Batteries usually last up to five years, so if you have had yours longer than this we recommend replacing it. Most batteries should come with a 1-5-year guarantee depending on supplier.
  • To save your battery, avoid running electrical systems longer than necessary. Once your windows are clear, turn the heater down and turn off the heated rear window.
  • Keep your lights, wipers, heater and heated rear window off before trying to start the engine.
  • If your car overheats a few miles into your journey, it could be that the radiator has frozen. Stop immediately to prevent serious damage and allow the radiator to thaw.
  • Antifreeze is important! It costs only a few pounds but the cost of an engine block is hundreds! Make sure you use the right type of antifreeze for your car and do not mix different types. Check the manufacturer’s service book for how often your antifreeze needs to be changed.
  • Make sure you have the correct ratio of antifreeze to water as per manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Keep your windscreen and windows clear. You could be fined if your windscreen is obstructed with snow, dirt or even too many window stickers. Make sure to clear snow from the roof of the car, as this can fall onto the windscreen and obstruct your view.
  • Low winter sun can be dazzling. Always have a pair of sunglasses in your car, even in winter.
  • Check your windscreen wipers and replace if necessary.
  • When you have parked, make sure your wipers are down. If they are left up, they could freeze to the windscreen and damage the blades or wiper motor when you next turn the car on.
  • Top up your windscreen washer and use a suitable additive, do not use engine antifreeze as it will damage paintwork!
  • Check all your bulbs are working and that the lenses are clean. Make sure your number plates are also clean as you can be fined if they are dirty and can’t be read easily. We offer a headlight reconditioning service if your headlamps are permanently misty.
  • When removing snow from your car, make sure to remove it from the lights as well.
  • When visibility is seriously reduced, you must use headlights. Don’t forget about your fog lights but make sure they are turned off when visibility improves, as they will dazzle other road users and obscure your brake lights.
  • In winter, you should have at least 3mm of tread. If it is anything less than 2mm replace as soon as possible. Consider changing to winter tyres or all season tyres. They have a higher silica content in the thread which prevents the tyre hardening at lower temperatures, thus giving it better grip in cold/wet conditions.
  • WARNING Do not use boiling water from the kettle, as this can cause a crack to occur in the screen and headlights wherever its poured.


We offer a free winter check in more detail at East County Classics. For more information or to book your check, call 01842 763841 or email

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